Farmington Fellowship
  • In the academic year 2014-15 I was awarded a Farmington Fellowship to carry out research into how children understand prayer and to develop teaching resources. This consisted of 20 days leave from school to undertake the research plus supervision from a Farmington Tutor, Mary Earl, from the Faculty of Education at Cambridge. It has been a very interesting journey through the academic literature, the interviews and the creation of this website and a thoroughly enjoyable one.

    I would like to thank and acknowledge the following people for their support and help:

    • The Farmington Trust for the award of the Fellowship

    • Mary Earl

    • Marian Agombar and Pat Cox for their feedback and being critical friends.

    • The staff and governors at my own school for their support.

    • The two other schools who allowed me to interview their pupils

    • The children who were interviewed and who gave an honest and helpful critique!

    Supporting Materials