• Prezi is presenation software freely available on the internet. To use the embedded player on this site you may need to:

    1) Update Flash player from this website
    2) Download the Prezi app for your device if you are using an Android or Apple handheld system such as a mobile phone or tablet. The best way to do this is to go to the relevent app store.

    On the site the player has several buttons at the bottom. These are as follows:

    Forward and Back arrows  Use these arrows to move forwards and backwards through the presentation.

    Full screen Use this button to make the Prezi full screen (recommended, especially for Interactive Whiteboards or projected displays.

    Auto Play Use this button to auto play the Prezi presentation. You can use the little arrow to set the length of time on each picture.

    Supporting Materials


    Update Flash

    Apple App

    Android App